From concept to completion, on time and on budget.

Taking a job from inception to completion and managing all its many details is what LoTemp Equipment Company does best. LoTemp’s licensed (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri) professional engineers design and build new refrigeration systems and renovates existing systems to fit our customers’ business needs. They also provide accurate relief valve and ventilation calculations, ammonia inventory calculations, and energy balances. LoTemp’s talented, certified team of professionals takes pride in finishing major projects on time and on budget. An experienced, flexible labor force means LoTemp can tackle any project, large or small. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, LoTemp does what it says it’s going to do. This is the foundation of LoTemp Equipment Company – and its strength.



Precision engineering you can count on.

Along with engineering refrigeration projects, LoTemp’s engineers offer stand-alone engineering services. LoTemp’s engineers hold a P.E. license in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Engineering services include:

  • Engineer & design of ammonia refrigeration system
  • Relief valve calculations
  • Ventilation calculations
  • Ammonia inventory calculations
  • Energy balances
A Sampling of Our Work


Omaha Steaks International

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha Steaks was experiencing growing pains. Its refrigeration system was located in a basement with all the piping inside the building, leaving no room for expansion. Omaha Steaks needed to relocate the equipment room and move the ammonia pipes to the roof while limiting downtime. The compressor room was automated with high efficiency, low maintenance Vilter single-screw compressors. Refrigeration pipes and valves were relocated to the roof. This was accomplished with only two down weekends. Designed for future expansion in 1993, Omaha Steaks has grown and modified this facility four times in the last 10 years. There has been no need for any header piping or compressor room changes during this time. Omaha Steaks continues to produce its world-famous products with the help of a LoTemp-designed refrigeration system.



Nash Finch

Omaha, Nebraska

A leader in food distribution, Nash Finch needed more space if it was going to meet its business objectives. LoTemp added a new 40,000 square-foot storage freezer and 10,000 square-foot dock to Nash Finch’s existing facility. LoTemp worked with a construction management team to build this plans-and-specifications project. Highlights of the project include a rooftop penthouse with four evaporators strategically located to supply cold air in four directions, which efficiently cools the 40,000 square-foot freezer. Waste heat from the compressors is utilized to heat the glycol that is circulated in the sub-floor heating system. New piping and valve controls were installed on the roof to serve the dairy and deli rooms. Controls for the freezer and dock addition, and the dairy and deli rooms, were integrated into the Nash Finch central computer control system. The project was completed without any loss of production for Nash Finch.



Universal Cold Storage

Lincoln, Nebraska

“Take what is old and make it new.” That was LoTemp’s charge. LoTemp was asked to take an abandoned distribution center and convert it to a state-of-the art cold storage/process facility. Existing evaporators were utilized where possible and new ones added to accommodate the customer’s requirements. Existing compressors were overhauled and restored to near-perfect condition, which eliminated any possibility of downtime. Universal Cold Storage needed sections of the refrigeration system to be operational before construction was complete. The system was commissioned utilizing the existing electromechanical control system, which was later replaced with central computer control, complete with energy management capability. The switch to computer control was done with zero downtime. Monitoring the system, via remote computer access, as well as routine site visits, eliminated the need for a full-time refrigeration mechanic. LoTemp’s ongoing working relationship with the local power utility helped to minimize Universal’s electrical costs.



Cash-WA Distribution

Kearney, Nebraska

Cash-WA Distribution had to add a freezer to its existing facility. This required the installation of 10 new air units, condenser, booster screw, and high side screw. An existing condenser water supply system was also converted to an inside sump system. Numerous adjustments and control issues were identified and corrected. LoTemp was on time again, without any unexpected costs.



District Energy Corporation (DEC)

Lincoln, Nebraska

Located in the heart of Nebraska’s capital city, DEC relies on thermal energy storage to provide district cooling for the county-city building, jail, and a nearby warehouse. Three (rating) thermal storage units build a supply of ice during off-peak hours. During peak hours, the operator can decide to circulate water through the thermal storage units, blending with the building’s return water, or to utilize a flooded shell and tube water chiller to supply the necessary cooling. Total computer control to operate the equipment and valves for either method. This combination of system flexibility and automation enables the DEC to reduce demand charges while improving their bottom line.



Plumrose USA

Council Bluffs, Iowa

This ham processing plant in the heart of the Midwest required a 45,000 square-foot addition. A local general contractor completed the design-build project, with all new construction. A rooftop unit providing filtered, 100% refrigerated outside air was sufficient to maintain positive air pressure inside the facility. This strategy successfully minimized condensation and improved product shelf life.



D&D Foods

Omaha, Nebraska

D&D Foods is a company looking to the future. Operating with a combination of freon and ammonia refrigeration, it wanted to efficiently expand its freezing and cooling capabilities to meet growing food processing demands. To accommodate its current and future needs, LoTemp installed a central ammonia refrigeration system that will easily allow for future expansions. LoTemp also substantially improved previous freezer cooling capacities, which significantly improved room temperature. The new system includes state of the art compressors and a computer control to decrease maintenance time and costs and plant downtime, all while improving equipment reliability. By taking care of its customer’s needs, LoTemp is contributing to D&D’s growth.