Process Safety Management (PSM)


Specially trained professionals to help you stay compliant.

Plants with more than 10,000 lbs of ammonia refrigeration are required to follow the Process Safety Management (PSM) Program. LoTemp can create a complete PSM programs for its customers or develop a customized program specific to your facility. We are knowledgeable in every PSM element and can assist in creating or tailoring your program to meet your specific needs.

  • Employee Participation
    • Develop an employee participation program that suits your needs
  • Process Safety Information
    • Develop P&IDs (process & instrumentation drawings) or update current ones
    • Block-low diagrams
    • Create equipment data sheets
    • Ammonia inventory calculations
    • Energy / material balances
    • Relief system sizing and calculations
    • Ventilation calculations
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
    • Perform initial PHAs and project PHAs
    • Perform the 5 year PHA revalidation
    • Maintain electronic back-up on off-site server
  • Operating Procedures
    • Write standard operating procedures for your facility or modify existing ones
  • Operator Training
    • Visit your site and train operators on SOPs, safe operation of your equipment and system
    • Provide classroom learning sessions on ammonia refrigeration
  • Contractor Qualifications
    • We provide every facility with complete OSHA required documentation for LoTemp and its employees
    • ISN participants
  • Process Safety Information
    • Assist in completing PSSRs as well as developing forms for your facility

  • Mechanical Integrity
    • Perform 5-year MI Audits and provide a comprehensive written report
    • Develop a written MI program based on manufacturer’s recommendations and recognized industry standards for each piece of equipment in the PSM process
    • Provide electronic version of equipment manuals to reference for mechanical integrity procedures
  • Hot Work Permit
    • Develop a hot-work permit program
    • Create forms that you can use
  • Management of Change
    • Help develop an MOC system for your plant
    • MOC forms
  • Incident Investigation
    • Assist in developing an incident investigation program
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Compliance Audits
    • Perform compliance audits to ensure your PSM program is being maintained
    • Provide a report of our findings and help you track issues to their resolution
    • Maintain electronic back-up on off-site server



Helping you from start to finish and with any modifications.

In addition to PSM Programs, LoTemp develops EPA-approved Risk Management Programs (RMP).



Protecting your people is our first priority.

LoTemp’s primary goal is customer and employee safety. It uses solid, professional engineering practices in the design of refrigeration systems, as well as complying with OSHA and EPA standards.  That’s the advantage of working with LoTemp.